[south park character quiz]South Park: The Toughest Eric Cartman Quiz On The Internet

  Since its debut, South Park has been riddled with controversy. Having entire episodes dedicated to the Church of Scientology or the Pandemic, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s show has proven time and time again there is no topic that is off-limits. In fact, many of characters in the Emmy award-winning cartoon feel like they were designed solely to be offensive.

  But despite the fact OJ Simpson, God, and a talking piece of poo have appeared on the animated series , it’s Eric Cartman who takes the crown as the most controversial character. He’s pretended to have Down syndrome, performed grave robbing, and has nearly started multiple cults, wars, and genocides.

  Since many viewers tend to focus on Cartman’s depraved humour and wicked schemes, its easy to forget some basic things about the nine-year-old fat-ass. What was his theme park called? What type of Tourettes does he suffer from? What cult was Cartman a member of?

  With this Cartman quiz, you might be able to guess a few of them right but only a true South Park fan will get a 100% score.

  Answers at the end!