[all elite wrestling video game]AEW console game gameplay footage debuts Darby Allin character model

  Sam SantFriday, June 18, 2021 AEW console game gameplay

  The AEW console game?is still in production at Japanese developer?Yuke’s under the watchful eye of All Elite Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega. Fans recently got their first glimpse at the console rasslin’ game in action, courtesy of some debut gameplay footage featuring Darby Allin. In the?AEW console game gameplay, Allin battles throughout the Dynamite arena and performs his signature Coffin Drop move from different locations.

  During the latest AEW Games 2.Show, All Elite Wrestling fans got their first look at gameplay from the upcoming console title. The debut AEW console game gameplay footage features Darby Allin duking it out in the Dynamite arena.

  The Darby Allin AEW console game character model features all of the fine details fans would expect. Allin’s various tattoos are present and correct, as is the wrestler’s trademark skeletal face paint. In the new video, Allin performs various basic wrestling maneuvers and his Coffin Drop signature move. Interestingly, Darby launches the Coffin Drop both from the middle of the ropes to the inside of the ring and from the corner turnbuckle to the outside of the ring. This seems to indicate that aerial moves, at the very least, will be contextual.

  Fans can expect to see more?All Elite Wrestling console game news from future AEW 2.Show episodes. Before then, however, it’s worth looking into the AEW Elite GM mobile app. Players have been hoping to see the General Manager mode return to WWE games for years, though to no avail. In response, AEW is launching a dedicated mobile game later this year?— the initial beta is now over, though there’s?still another to come.

  Want more of the latest video game news? Alan Wake Remastered looks to be on the way, according to a new Epic Games leak. Additionally, Cyberpunk 2077 is coming back to the PSN Store.

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