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  Want to learn more about all 20 weapons in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart? Check out our complete Weapons page to find detailed breakdowns, along with several tips and tricks that’ll have you mastering each weapon with ease.

  You’ll be able to get the Shatterbomb early on in Rift Apart and it’s a weapon you’ll be using right up until the end too. Equally good at dealing damage to heavier enemies as well as crowd-controlling groups of weaker ones, once upgraded with the Second Shatter gold cells, the chain reaction of explosions you set off make light work of anyone in your path. Just make sure to get a hang of its trajectory, as you don’t want to toss it over an enemy’s head and waste precious ammo.

  Perfect for those sticky situations, the Lightning Rod is by far one of our favorite weapons to use due to its ability to consistently chain stuns when targeting clusters of mobs, especially the likes of Nefarious Troopers, Sandsharks, Amoeboids, and even more.

  That said, the Lightning Rod also manages to make light work of larger enemies when fully upgraded, so be sure to put some Raritanium aside for upgrades that increase the maximum number of enemies that can be electrified, along with an auto-aim feature that helps the bullets find their targets more easily.


  Finding yourself outnumbered? Well, look no further than the brand new Topiary Sprinkler. Turn any pests into plants and deal with them easily from there.

  The somewhat comical weapon is also great as an escape from jail option if you need to give yourself a window – and one of the upgrades makes some enemies drop healing items, allowing you to scramble for health amongst the chaos.

  A great weapon to get as early as you can and upgrade promptly is the Ricochet, another new entry into the series’ arsenal. Fire out a projectile and watch it cannon between enemies with every pull of the trigger.

  It’s only downside is that the projectile needs a bit of babysitting to deal continuous damage, meaning you won’t be able to swap weapons or attack other specific enemies while it’s bouncing around – so try using it against small groups or mini-bosses.

  Don’t forget to time that trigger pull perfectly for a damage boost upon impact and you’ll have the golden combination of ripping through foes without really needing to aim.

  If you really want to deal a heavy dose of damage though then look no further than the Warmonger. Ratchet’s favorite rocket launcher returns and can really hand you the advantage in boss battles.

  We highly recommend sinking your Raritanium into it to unlock mini rockets that spiral out of the initial blast making for a beautiful view as well as maximum carnage. It may only unlock later in the story, but it’s an essential purchase against late game mini-bosses you’ll be facing.

  For the Rambo users is the Blackhole Storm, a gatling gun that fires bullets so fast it actually has a cooldown mechanic. Ratchet’s mobility is limited while using it, but it has such a high damage output you probably won’t notice.

  But the real reason to get this gun is the V5 upgrade, which has enemies blow up in a black hole anomaly on death. This is a devastating move as it deals huge damage, and can tear through swarmer enemies like Cutlassies.

  One gun you’ll definitely need to aim precisely with though is the Headhunter. Fortunately, that’s made a whole bunch easier by the fact that it slows down time once you aim down its sight. Take that extra second to line up your shot and you’ll reap the benefits with one headshot often being enough to take down even some of Rift Apart’s heaviest enemies.

  The Headheader is definitely one to keep in mind once you reach the game’s latter stages and find yourself surrounded by enemy sniper bots.

  When it comes to fun and unique weapons, the RYNO 8 definitely takes the cake as instead of firing a projectile barrage of bullets, it will instead fire a beam that opens a portal above your intended impact site. It will then drop a random prop onto the enemies below, creating a deadly shockwave effect.Despite featuring a rather lackluster firing speed, the RYNO 8 can really pack a punch as its power and area of effect are among some of the highest you’ll see. With only five shots available, you’ll want to make sure that every shot counts – unless you’ve already unlocked unlimited ammunition, which then we suggest you go town.

  Unlocking the RYNO 8 isn’t exactly an easy feat though, as you’ll need to find and collect all 10 Spybots that are hidden across the game.

  A complete guide to finding all 10 Spybots can be found here or via our Collectibles Hub.

  Well, hopefully, that’s given you a bit of help when choosing which weapons to roll within Rift Apart. Truth be told though, all 20 are fun and effective in their own ways so you can’t really go too far wrong.

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