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  Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone introduces mysterious red doors around Verdansk. Here’s how to find the red doors in Warzone (& what they do).

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  Call of Duty: Warzone has been steadily introducing new content into the massively popular Battle Royale game since its release in 2020. Each season of Warzone has had its fair share of new things to experience, and Warzone Season 4 is no different. The release of Season 4 has introduced new weapons, two new vehicles, and more mysterious features players are still unraveling.

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  The new season of Warzone involves satellites crash-landing in Verdansk, destroying several areas around the map. Locations such as Krovnik Farmland, Bloc 18, Bloc 16, and Gora Bridge have been altered by the destruction and littered with satellite debris. Along with the changes to the aesthetics of Verdansk, Season 4 brings new points of interest for players to explore. Among these new fixtures are red doors scattered throughout the map in nooks and crannies. Here’s how to locate the red doors in Verdansk (& what they do).



  Along with the large crashed satellites in Verdansk, red doors?are new to the map in Season 4. The red doors in Warzone?initially seem shrouded in mystery. The teaser for the red doors in Season 4 states, “Our intel cannot explain the origin of these mysterious red doors around Verdansk, but one thing is certain: They allow you to [[REDACTED]] around the [[REDACTED]].” Now, a few days into Season 4, players can safely assume the redacted words are “teleport” and “map” since that is exactly what they do! Using a red door in Warzone teleports players to a random station around the map containing high-tier loot.


  Once players have located a red door and opened it, a swirling blue portal appears in the doorway. If players walk through the red door, they will be teleported to one of 12 known stations, alphabetically-organized. Players are teleported to a random station; there is no way to predict where someone will spawn on the other side. Every station consists of a closed room containing two orange high-level chests for players to loot, as well as other useful loot items players can pick up. Once players are done looting the station, exiting the room will continue typical Warzone gameplay. Make sure to choose a landing location carefully, since finding a red door early on can get players some high-tier loot.


  Players have been discovering more red doors every day since Season 4’s release. A Reddit user named u/covmike cataloged all known locations of the red doors in Verdansk, making a map with all 30 doors marked by red dots. Red doors?may be found:

  ? In the southwest of Verdansk, in the cluster of buildings between Novi Grazna and Zozsni Spomenik (four possible locations).? Around the Airplane Factory near the Verdansk airport (six possible locations).? To the west of the Old Mine, on the other side of the road (two possible locations).? In Gora Summit, scattered around the main building and auxiliary buildings (six possible locations).? In the Karst Salt Mine spread across the main cluster of buildings. None of the relevant buildings have more than one door location (five possible locations).? In the Verdansk Stadium spread around the hallways surrounding the field (five possible locations).? In the Downtown Tavorsk District, in the square building just to the left of the central building. (two possible locations).


  Only a few red doors spawn in each match in semi-fixed locations, emitting a low, electrical humming noise when players are nearby. Although players will not know exactly where the red doors have spawned, there are set locations where they can possibly show up. The red doors will be somewhere within these areas, although it takes a bit of searching to find them. Using?a red door will not take players to a fantasy world where they can be all-powerful, however, it will give players plenty of loot to use to their advantage in a game of Warzone.

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  Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X.


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