Ujjwal Chaurasia, also known as Techno Gamerz, is India’s biggest GTA 5 YouTuber with a subscriber base of 17 million.

The use of mods in GTA singleplayer has become common after GTA 5 on PC in 2015. Many GTA content creators have started using mods to make their GTA videos more interesting, Techno Gamerz is no exception. He uses various mods in his videos to keep his content fresh and interesting.

The use of mods is completely acceptable in the single-player mode of GTA 5, and it will not get you banned from the game.

This article lists some of the most popular GTA mods used by Techno Gamerz.

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Jobs and Heist’s mod adds many community-made missions and heists for players to do in GTA 5. The following is a list of all the jobs and heist’s added with this mod:

Repossess cars for Simeon – damage and customization will affect the payout.Repossess bikes for Simeon – damage and customization will affect the payout.Repossess bicycles for Mr Spoke.Steal a security briefcase and deliver it to Lester.Assassinate targets for Lester.Steal the coke and deliver it to Gerald.Distract the cops for Lester – same as online.Prison Bus – steal the schedule, follow the bus, take out the driver or take him hostage and free the prisoners.Steal the coke from a Tug Boat and deliver it to the buyer.Takedown smuggler planes.Takedown smuggler boats.Takedown smuggler helicopters.Go to gang meetups and take them out – they sometimes carry cases of cash.Go to gang hideouts and take them out.Humane Labs Heist – steal the chemical weapons and deliver them to the buyer.Aircraft Carrier Heist – steal the P99 Lazer and deliver it to the hangar.Yacht Heist – steal the coke and deliver it to the buyer.Stockade Heist – use explosives to steal cash from a stockade.

Aside from these missions, the mod adds a drop-down menu that can change a character’s facial expression, toggle night vision, launch missions, and enter passive mode.

Download the mod here.

The ‘travel to North Yankton’ mod lets players explore the city of North Yankton in a free roam. North Yankton was the area used in the prologue mission of GTA 5 and could not be explored or interacted with outside of the prologue mission.

This mod adds pedestrians and traffic to the city. Some areas are glitched, so there is a chance players will fall through the map or get stuck in walls. If this happens, the mod developer has added a safety key that will respawn players to the default North Yankton spawn point.

Download the mod here.

The ‘open all interiors’ mod allows players to explore almost all of the interiors in GTA 5. The mod will allow you to access mission-only areas like the life Invader building and the FIB building. Hospitals, clubs, police stations, and restaurants are also open.

The mod adds pedestrians in all the interiors, making it more immersive as well. Techno Gamerz uses this mod often to further the story in his videos.

Download the mod here.

The Actor Manager mod lets players spawn NPC’s and set their paths, so they go and do as instructed.

This mod is straightforward to use. Just select the NPC skin to use in director mode, the weapon the actor will hold, and press F6 to open the Actor Manager menu. A new actor is spawned from there, which will take the player’s current position, skin, heading, and weapon.

Players can also set waypoints for NPC’s, which they will follow on command by opening the director menu.

Techno Gamerz uses this mod to set up scenes in his videos to show story moments like character meetups, shoot-outs, etc.

Download the mod here.

Menyoo PC is one of the most popular mods for GTA 5. It offers a range of ways in which you can make your own missions in the game.

The mod has an object spawner that will let players select and place in-game assets however they wish and create their own mission areas. It even has the ability to spawn NPC’s and vehicles.

Techno Gamerz uses this mod to set up his own missions, which fit the story in his videos.

Download the mod here.

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Edited by Srijan Sen

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