[windbound xbox one]Windbound Update Adding New Free Content

  Windbound, the sandbox island survival that washed ashore during August 2020, has just received the first of three huge new content updates.

  Landing across PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Stadia this new update for Windbound is already available for owners of this survival sandbox. Costing absolutely nothing, this free of charge add on for the title is just the first of three planned content updates to come Windbound and is set to add a ton of new features for players exploring everything on offer.

  The Eternal Voyage

  The new patch loads up a ton of new content for this gorgeous looking adventure, offering a new Endless Play game mode. Players picking up the new content update can keep playing after the natural end of this title, at Chapter 5. You’ll continue to keep exploring and building until death resets the player to the beginning of Chapter 1, retaining only their Blessings.

  The first of these three content patch also provides anybody who continues playing, the option to buy additional Blessing Slots if they have enough Sea Shard currency. This makes the game’s Blessing system even more useful when taking on the challenges that appear on the horizon.

  You’ll also be able to look fantastic when kicking back on the sand with an array fo new witch skin items: Each of these spooky skins even have their own in-game effect:

  Witch Hat makes the effects of potions last longer.

  Witch Outfit allows players to respawn nearby after death (single use).

  Witch Staff – This staff is unbreakable and fires target seeking magic orbs.

  For existing save games, Pumpkins will appear in the next chapter the player reaches, for new save games Pumpkins will appear from Chapter 1.

  All these free extras include a new photo mode and a whole array of bug fixes to make your time in Windbound more rewarding. Developer 5 Lives Studios will be hoping that these new features and fixes improve the mixed response the initial launch received. To check out more about the updates, you can check out the official Windbound website now.