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  Animal Crossing New Horizons: Replacing Villagers Using Time Travel And Your Campsite

  By Gabrielle Marie Huston

  Published Jun 01, 2021


  This trick allows you to make use of time travel mechanics and your island campsite to get your dreamies. You just need time, patience, and this guide


  One of the most frustrating things about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that it’s difficult to control which animals are residents on your island. When you reach the maximum of ten villagers, there are only two ways to kick an animal that you don’t like off your island paradise: the animal asking you to move away (a randomly selected, difficult-to-control process) or by asking a visitor to your campsite if they want to move to the island.


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  Since the first method isn’t very reliable, this guide provides all the knowledge you’ll need to replace old villagers with new ones by taking advantage of the campsite mechanic. No need to reset your whole island and start over!

  Animal Crossing Tom Nook Making Announcements At Resident Services Tent on March 3rd

  You need to be ready and willing to time travel forward (possibly quite a long way in the future) in order to refill the campsite with new animals.

  By extension, this also means that your island will be full of weeds, flowers, fresh mail, new posts on your bulletin board, and more – there will be some clean-up to do afterward.


  Tip: If you have other players on the same island with you, it’s a good idea to double-check with them and get their go-ahead.

  sitting with a frog villager in the rain

  This process takes a chunk of time out of your day. Make sure you do it when you know you have time to sit down with the game for a while.

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  Solo players could always return to the process later if they need to stop but if another person lives on your island they may not be happy to pick up their Switch only to discover that it’s actually?December, instead of August.


  animal crossing cranky villagers

  There are?eight villager types in Animal Crossing New Horizons: Peppy, Normal, Uchi (Big Sister), Snooty, Lazy, Cranky, Smug, and Jock.

  If your current villagers are made up of every type but one, your campsite will get a villager of that missing type 60% of the time.?

  With this in mind, it’s a lot easier to aim for one animal in particular, or one of several animals that you like. If you’re hunting for a particular villager type, Smug, for example, and already have one Smug villager on your island, it may be worth following this process an extra time simply to move the existing Smug villager off your island.


  Marshal sitting beside a campfire in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  You may have already guessed that this guide will involve checking each day to see whether a villager has arrived at your campsite. That’s true, but the trick to speeding up the process is to check two days at once.?

  The events of the day don’t reset at midnight, since so many people stay up late and want to play their game. The game actually resets at 5 am. If you’re logged on at 4:59 am, you’ll hear the bell chime, and then you’ll be booted into Isabelle’s morning announcements while the game loads the events of the next day. Everything is refreshed at this point: new fossils spawn on the island, a new NPC like Saharah or Flick will appear, flowers will breed and multiply, etc.


  So, you are able to check two days at once by setting your Switch’s time to 4:57 am. Let’s say it’s May 1st and you know there is no camper on the island today. You would save your game, log out, and then change the time to 4:57 am on May 3rd. This will allow you to check May 2nd and May 3rd without having to reset the clock twice.

  We suggest 4:57 am because 3 minutes is a reasonable amount of time for you to log in, listen to Isabelle’s announcements, and then have a quick pause before the reset occurs. If you’d like to do it closer or further away from 5 am, feel free.

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  Animal Crossing New Horizons Isabelle making morning announcements

  When you’ve changed your clock and logged in, you’ll hear Isabelle do her announcements. She’ll say the current date, but is actually announcing events from the day before (i.e. she’ll say it’s May 3rd at 4:57, but her subsequent announcements will pertain to May 2nd).

  Assuming she doesn’t tell you that a camper is on the island, you’ll then log into the game and wait for a moment. The bells of Resident Services will chime, and Isabelle will?make another announcement.

  There are three possible conclusions:

  Isabelle doesn’t announce that a camper is on the island. You can save and quit the game. Continue to step four.

  Isabelle tells you there is a camper on the island when you first log in, not after you’ve waited till five am for the second batch of announcements. In this case, be sure to exit immediately, shut down the game, and set your clock back a few hours. This ensures you won’t lose the camper when the game resets. Continue to step three.

  Isabelle tells you there is a camper on the island during the second set of announcements. You’re safe to go meet this new animal: continue to step three.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Inside Campsite Tent Talking To Marshal

  Next, you get to go meet your camper! If it’s someone you don’t want on your island, leave and continue to step four.

  If it’s someone you do want on your island, congratulations! You’ll be able to invite them to live on the island after speaking to them enough. Once you’ve invited them, they may accept automatically, decline automatically, or say that they want to leave it up to chance and challenge you to a card game. If you’re declined a few times (or lose a couple of rounds of cards), don’t fret. You can keep doing this as many times as you need to until they accept your offer.


  Once they finally accept your offer, they’ll zip off to Resident Services to ask about moving to the island. When they return, if your island already has ten villagers, they’ll say that the only way they could move here with you is if someone is willing to trade. You’ll need to approve of them trading with someone, then they’ll say the name of one of your villagers and ask if it’s okay for them to trade places with that villager. If they say the name of a villager you want to leave the island, then you’re set!

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  However, if they say the name of a villager you want to keep, there’s no need to sacrifice a villager you like for the camper.


  As soon as the camper names a villager you don’t want to lose, exit to the Switch home screen and close the game immediately.

  If you finish the conversation and leave the tent, the game saves which villager the camper named and will never select another. If the game doesn’t get a chance to save, it will simply select another resident of your island at random?to swap with next time.

  You may have to do this a number of times before the camper asks to swap places with the villager you want them to replace, but it is more than possible to kick whoever you?prefer off the island.


  Animal Crossing New Horizons Hornsby

  If you didn’t get a camper at all, you can time travel forward two days, set the clock to 4:57 am again, and repeat the process. For example, If last time, you had set the clock to May 3rd, 4:57 am, this time you would set the clock to May 5th, 4:57 am in order to check for a camper on the 4th and the 5th.

  If you did get a camper on the island, you won’t get another one for at least a few days. It is variable but we recommend that you assume there won’t be any campers for four days after you got one.

  If you got a camper on May 3rd before 5 am, it’s actually a camper from May 2nd. You would assume that there wouldn’t be a camper on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th. Therefore, you would skip to May?8th at 4:57 am (which allows you to check the 7th and the 8th) to continue your villager hunt.

  If you got a camper on May 3rd after 5 am, the camper arrived on May 3rd. You can assume that there will not be a camper on the 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th. You’d set the clock to May 9th at 4:57 am (in order to check for a camper on the 8th and the ninth) and carry on hunting.

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