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  The Bad Batch is the latest Star Wars series and it is a prime candidate for including some beloved characters from Star Wars: Legends.

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  Kal Skirata and Mara Jade

  Star Wars: The Bad Batch is yet another hit for Star Wars on Disney+, telling the story of Clone Force 99 and their defection from the recently risen Galactic Empire. The show takes everything great about The Clone Wars and expands upon them, giving fans a greater look at the beginning of the Empire.

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  However, like any Star Wars property, fans are wondering when concepts from Star Wars Legends will be brought in, bringing some fan-favorite content back into canon. While not every story from Legends should be canonized, there’s a lot of great characters that can be brought into The Bad Batch that would enrich it.



  Lord Cronal was a member of the Prophets of the Dark Side, a group of Force users from Dromund Kass that Palpatine brought into the Empire so they could help him with his predictions of the future. Cronal would become director of Imperial Intelligence for a time during the Galactic Civil War and tried to take over Luke Skywalker’s body in the book Luke Skywalker And The Shadows Of Mindor by Matthew Stover.

  Cronal was a disciple of the Dark, a view of the source that was ultimately nihilistic and used the codename Blackhole, since that was how he viewed himself – an event horizon sucking everything into the Dark. Showing him taking over the search for Clone Force 99 would let fans learn something new about the Force.


  Darth Krayt who was the jedi A'sharad Hett

  Legends was full of great villains and one of the most interesting was Darth Krayt, the former Republic Jedi known as A’Sharad Hett. Captured by advance elements of the Yuuzhan Vong during the Clone Wars and lured to the dark side by the secret Sith Vergere, he would bide his time, setting a secret Sith movement and hibernating, waiting for his chance to strike.

  Introducing Krayt would change what viewers thought they knew about the Sith and also introduce a new enemy for the group beyond the Empire, Krayt’s One Sith.


  Bardan Jusik

  Introduced in Karen Traviss’s Republic Commando novels, Jedi General Bardan Jusik became enamored with the special forces clones under his command and their Mandalorian sergeants. He began to bend the rules for his squads and before the end of the Clone Wars left the Order to become a Mandalorian, joining the family of Kal Skirata.

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  The Mandalorian showed how members of that culture adopted others, so that part of Bardan could still be used. Even if they chose not to go that way, showing a Jedi who loved his clones like Bardan did would be great to see.

  Nick Rostu

  Matthew Stover’s Shatterpoint starred Mace Windu and saw him going to his homeworld of Haruun Kal to rescue his former Padawan, Jedi Master Depa Bilaba. He would join up with a group of native soldiers, including Nick Rostu, who would become his second in command on the planet and later join the Grand Army of the Republic.

  Force sensitive like everyone else on Haruun Kal, Rostu was an entertaining character, a sarcastic young man who was well versed in warfare. Bringing him into the show could give the team a new ally, one who’s as tough as he is funny and charming.


  Star Wars Omega Squad

  Karen Traviss’s Republic Commando novels are some of the best Clone Wars content around and bringing in as many characters as possible would be a great idea. Omega Squad was one of the clone special ops squads the books followed. One member of the squad, Darman, even fell in love with their Jedi General Etain Tur-Makan, something that would end in one of Legend’s greatest tragedies.

  Omega Squad was one of the most skilled groups of clone commandos in the Grand Army of the Republic and seeing them go up against Clone Force 99 would be great, two groups of consummate soldiers using all of their skills to fight each other and maybe even coming to an understanding.

  Anakin Fights Durge The Bounty Hunter In Star Wars: Obsession #3

  Legends introduced a lot of bounty hunters and one of the best ones of the Clone Wars era was Durge. A member of Gen’Dai species, Durge was nearly indestructible and had been fighting Jedi for millennia, joining the Separatists so he could keep killing them. Armed to the teeth, Durge was a challenge to all he fought.

  While his back story would have to be slightly changed, maybe having worked for Palpatine secretly during the conflict, bringing him in to hunt the Bad Batch could make for some interesting episodes.


  Admiral Daala Cropped

  Admiral Daala was introduced in Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy Trilogy. Given command over the secret superweapon creation facility Maw Installation, this one time protege of Grand Moff Tarkin missed the end of the Galactic Civil War and would attack the New Republic multiple times before eventually being elected leader of its successor state, the Galactic Alliance.

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  Introducing Daala to take over the hunt for Clone Force 99 could do for her what Rebels did for Grand Admiral Thrawn, introducing her to an entirely new audience and canonizing one of Legend’s most intriguing characters.

  Lumiya is the Dark Lady of the Sith

  At first glance, Lumiya shouldn’t work in The Bad Batch. She would be a child at the time of the show but these sorts of things can be changed. In Legends, she was Vader’s apprentice, infiltrating the Rebel Alliance to take care of Luke Skywalker. One of Legend’s darkest characters, with some tweaks, she could be brought into the show.

  Instead of Vader’s apprentice, she could be a Jedi trainee that Palpatine turned or a Force-sensitive that he recruited after. Clone Force 99 could be responsible for the injuries that made her a cyborg, making her transformation complete and giving her a grudge against the group.


  Star Wars Kal Skirata

  Yet another character from Traviss’s Republic Commando, Kal Skirata was a Mandalorian sergeant responsible for training special forces clones. Handpicked by Jango Fett and hired by the Kaminoans, he treated his commandos like his children and joined the Grand Army of the Republic to stay close to them, creating a new family that he smuggled to Mandalore as the Clone Wars ended.

  Kal Skirata is one of the coolest Mandalorians in Star Wars. He treated his clones like family, was tough as nails, and while he could be gruff, he was a loving man to his friends and a terrible foe to his enemies. Bringing him into the show as an ally of the clones, possibly even their trainer, would make a lot of fans happy.

  Mara Jade fighting with her purple lightsaber.

  Mara Jade is one of the most important characters in Legends and has a legion of fans. Many Legends fans want her to be canonized and will take any opportunity for it. Much like Lumiya, she’s not the right age but that doesn’t mean that changes can’t be made to her so she can work for the show; most Legends fans expect her to be changed, anyway.

  Mara could be yet another Imperial hunter going after the group, using the Force and her impeccable training to hunt them down, perhaps even joining up with them and maybe leaving the Empire.

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