[game release calendar]Gamers, Opera GX Has Online Gaming Optimization Tools That Other Web Browsers Don’t Have

  Opera has released its newest web browser, and this time around, it is a unique pitch for gamers. The Opera GX, as it is called, is a web browser with specific tools to improve the online gaming experience, including Discord and Twitch integration as well as performance limiters. The new Opera GX web browser is now available for Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple macOS computing platforms, and also for Android phones and the Apple iPhone as well as the Apple iPad. The core functionality embeds controls for limiting CPU, RAM and network bandwidth to reduce the performance footprint of the web browser and improve the gaming experience. It also has new themes, music streaming add-ins for Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music and a built-in calendar for game releases.

  The Opera GX web browser not only integrates the gaming focused Discord and Twitch platforms, but you can also access Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp from the sidebar. Brought over from the main Opera browser is the Flow functionality, which lets you connect the Opera GX browser on multiple devices allowing you to send links, files and notes across these devices. Gamers will be able to switch between the Fast Action Button (FAB) and standard navigation options on the Opera GX browser on Android phones and the iPhone, with the former mode proving haptic feedback. The core functionality has been carried over from the standard Opera browser, which already offers more than a lot of its rivals including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge—this includes built-in free VPN, a video pop-out option and an ad-blocker.

  Apart from the game release calendar integration, the Opera GX also embeds the GX Corner which will also point you to gaming deals and discounts as well as the latest updates. The Opera GX for Android, iPhone and the iPad follows the desktop version which was first released during the E3 gaming conference in 2019. The company says that the Opera GX for Windows and Mac exceeded 9 million monthly active gamers in March 2021, up 190% year-over-year. Opera GX has also grown to become the largest tech server on Discord, currently counting 285,000 members. The Android version of Opera GX is now available on the Google Play Store while you can point your Apple iPhone or iPad to the App Store to download the Opera GX browser. This becomes the third web browser in Opera’s arsenal, after the primary Opera browser for desktops and mobile devices and the Opera Mini browser for smartphones.

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