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On May 27, 1941, the Royal Navy sank the German battleship Bismarck off the coast of France, killing about 2,000 people. In the midst of growing tensions around the world, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared an ^unlimited national emergency ̄ in a radio speech from the White House.

This date:

In 1861, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, a federal circuit court judge in Baltimore, ruled that President Abraham Lincoln had no authority to suspend the personal protection warrant (Lincoln ignored the ruling).

In 1896, tornadoes struck St. Louis, Missouri and East St. Louis, Illinois, killing 255 people.

In 1933, the World¨s Columbian Exposition was officially held to celebrate the ^A Century of Progress. ̄ Walt Disney¨s Academy Award-winning short animation ^Three Little Pigs ̄ has been unveiled for the first time.

In 1935, the US Supreme Court in the Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States case unanimously invalidated the National Industrial Recovery Act, a key element of President Franklin D. Roosevelt¨s ^New Deal ̄ legislative program.

In 1937, the newly completed Golden Gate Bridge between San Francisco and Marin County, California was opened for pedestrians (vehicles began to pass the next day).

In 1942, USS West Virginia cook Doris ^Dolly ̄ Miller was the first African-American Navy to ^ignore extraordinary courage and personal safety ̄ during Japan¨s attack on Pearl Harbor. Received the cross.

In 1964, the first independent Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, died.

In 1968, the United States Supreme Court upheld David O¨Brien¨s conviction of destroying a draft card outside a court in Boston in the United States v. O¨Brien case, and ruled that the act was not protected by freedom of speech. Did.

In 1993, five people were killed in a bombing at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. About 30 paintings were ruined or damaged.

In 1994, Nobel Prize-winning writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn returned to Russia after 20 years of exile, with thousands of enthusiastic cheers.

Twelve years after Michael Fortier (FOR¨-tee-ur), a government witness in the 1998 Oklahoma City bombing, apologized for not warning anyone about the deadly plan. I was sentenced to imprisonment. (Fortier was released in January 2006.)

In 2018, LeBron James reached the NBA Finals for the eighth consecutive year as the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Boston Celtics 87-79 in Game 7 of the semifinals.

10 years ago: Astronauts Michael Fincke and Gregory Chamitoff made history as the last space pedestrians in NASA¨s 30-year shuttle program and completed the construction of the International Space Station with the addition of a smooth extension pole. .. President Barack Obama visited Poland and praised the memories of those killed in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising against the Nazis. Gil Scott-Heron, 62, who is widely known as one of the godfathers of rap music, has died in New York. Actor Jeff Conaway has died in a hospital in Encino, California. He was 60 years old.

Five years ago: President Barack Obama became the first US chief executive officer to visit Hiroshima, the city where the United States dropped the first atomic bomb during World War II, with a vision of a nuclear-free world. A weapon that has been declared a suitable place to summon people around the world to accept.

A year ago: Protests against George Floyd¨s death during police detention shook Minneapolis for two nights, with some looting stores and setting fire. The protest spread to more cities. Hundreds of people blocked the Los Angeles freeway and shattered the windows of the California Highway Patrol Cruiser. The United States has soared beyond the coronavirus pandemic milestone, with more than 100,000 confirmed deaths. The House of Representatives voted for the first time in a move aimed at avoiding the risk of traveling to Washington during a pandemic. Boeing said it would cut more than 12,000 US jobs through layoffs and acquisitions to address the travel dip caused by the pandemic. At the same time, the company announced that it would resume production of the 737 Max jet airliner. Playwright and AIDS activist Larry Kramer died of pneumonia at the age of 84.

Today¨s birthday: Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is 98 years old, writer John Bath is 91 years old, actor Lee Meriweather is 86 years old, musician Ramsey Lewis is 86 years old, actor Lewis Gosset Jr. is 85 years old R & B singer Raymond Saunders (The Persua Johns) is 82 years old. Bruce Weitz is 78, former Senator Christopher Dodd (Republican) is 77, singer Bruce Cockburn is 76, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is 74, and singer and actor Dee Dee Bridgewater is 71. Actor Richard Schiff is 66 years old, singer Susie Sue (The Creatures, Susie and the Banshees) is 64 years old, rock singer and musician Neil Finn (The Finn Brothers) is 63 years old, Actor Peri Gilpin is 60, actor Kathy Silvers is 60, comedian Adam Corolla is 57, and actor Todd Bridges is 60. 56. Rock musician Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains) 55. Actor Dondr└ Whitfield 52. Actor Paul Bettany 50. Rock singer and musician Brian Desvo (Nine Days) 50. Country singer Jace Everett 49. Actor Jack McBrayer 48.

Rapper Andre 3000 (OutKast) is 46. Rapper Jadakiss is 46 years old. TV chef Jamie Oliver is 46 years old. Alternative country singer-songwriter Shane Nicholson is 45 years old. Actor Ben Feldman is 41 years old. Actor Michael Sugar is 41 years old. Ethan Danf is 27 years old. Actor Dessale Ross (TV: ^Green Leaf ̄) is 22 years old.

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