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  South Park has seen many characters come and go throughout its epic run on TV, but there are some departed characters that fans can’t forget.

  By Michael DeRosa

  Published Jun 01, 2021


  Chef and Mr. Hankey in South Park

  Making its debut in 1997,?South Park?is one of the longest-running adult cartoons out there. Even as each year passes, it still is working effectively and is quite timeless, as its humor never fails to make its viewers laugh.?It also has an array of lovable characters, whether they are main or secondary.

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  But sadly, there are so many great characters?that are?no longer part of the series. This even includes fan favorites, so naturally, there is some disappointment that they are gone. Some of them are responsible for the most memorable moments in?South Park, making their presence truly missed. There is hope that one day these characters will come back, but until then, it is hard for fans to accept that they are gone.


  Chef and Stan talking outside

  Chef is one of the most beloved characters of South Park’s early seasons?because of how humorous he is, giving the audience many memorable scenes. He is also a mentor to Stan and his group of friends.

  Thus, Chef’s shocking death is something that fans have a hard time accepting even now and the way he died is also devastating, as he not only gets set on fire and falls off a bridge, he is eaten by a mountain lion and bear. It is just a horrific end for such a lovable character, even if it is played for comedy.

  Kip Drordy sad about not having Facebook friends

  Kip Drordy’s time on the show is short, as he only appears in one episode. He is a major part of it, though, as a great deal of it focuses on Kyle adding him on Facebook. This is significant to him, as he did not have a single friend before this.

  That said, it is strange that the show does not give Kip any time in the limelight after this. It would have been nice to see him in a happier state in later episodes, as it is impossible to not to feel bad for him when he is so sad.


  Pip running away from Mecha Streisand

  Pip is a character who is there from?the very beginning of the series?and a unique citizen of?the little town, as he originally is from England. In this way, and for his character in general, he stands out to fans.

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  However, his time on the show suddenly came to an end in the show’s 201st episode. His death also is rather gruesome, as he is stomped by Mecha-Streisand. What is even more tragic about this is that he politely asks her to not destroy South Park before it occurs.

  Ms. Crabtree driving the school bus

  Ms. Crabtree is a character that some fans may forget. Yet, her presence in the earlier seasons of the show is pretty big. She is the kid’s school bus driver and is known for her constant screaming. She also has a bird who nests in her head.

  Yet, her time on the series?comes to an unexpected close in season 6. She sadly gets murdered, and the show even pokes fun about her not being necessarily a popular character. Nonetheless, she still didn’t deserve this cruel fate and fans would have loved for her to stick around.


  Kyle and his cousin Kyle sleeping in bed

  Kyle’s cousin, Kyle Schwartz, is a character who only appears in a few episodes. However, his presence is always big when he appears and?he is comedy gold. His quirks irritate Kyle and his friends, as he is?very different from them.

  As a result, they try to get rid of him?whenever he visits. He never fails to make the audience laugh in his few episodes, so it is shocking that he is not a regular part of the cast. He would be an excellent fit in Kyle’s class for the long term.

  Principal Victoria at South Park Elementary

  Principal Victoria is another character who is there from the very beginning and her distinct voice and unique mannerisms are responsible for some great moments in the series. She is not necessarily the best when it comes to her decision-making, though, which does lead to her eventual firing.

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  However, her replacement, PC Principal is far worse in charge and less liked among fans, so it’s hard not to miss her. With Mr. Garrison returning to the classroom, perhaps there is a chance that Principal Victoria could come back, too.


  Mr Hankey celebrating Christmas

  Mr. Hankey is one of the most popular side characters of the earlier seasons of the show. At first, he aims to spread Christmas cheer?in South Park. However, it becomes clear that he also has some serious anger issues.

  This is especially the case in his final appearance, as an array of offensive tweets leads the town to kick him out. It is honestly a disappointing end to this once jolly character’s story, as he is so funny in the earlier episodes.

  Jason with his family

  Jason White is a 4th grader who is often seen in the background, so there never is a real long-term story that surrounds his character. The most spotlight he gets is when the series focuses on his family. However, even with this, it is hard for the viewer to learn much about him.

  This is what makes his sudden death a sad part of the series. It also does not help that it is a gruesome one at that, as he is run over by a car while trying to catch Cartman’s pass in football. It just seems like his story ends before it even begins.


  Mrs. Nelson teaching during the pandemic

  Mrs. Nelson has a lot going against her from the very beginning, as she replaces Mr. Garrison as the gang’s teacher. She is a level-minded character who simply aims to teach, so she is not like many of the people around her.

  She is also is immensely underappreciated, as the school forces her to teach before getting her vaccination. By the time she finally is about to get it, she sadly passes away from the illness. The show just does her dirty in every possible way.

  Cartman licking Scott's tears

  When Scott Tenorman makes his debut, he is bullying Cartman. However, Cartman?gets his revenge?via a?bowl of chili and it is the worst thing Cartman does in the entire series.

  However, his story does not stop there, as the show later reveals that Scott’s dad is also Eric’s, making Cartman responsible for the death of his own father. With Scott and Cartman being half brothers, it would have been intriguing to see their dynamic explored even more. Unfortunately, he has not made an appearance in the series for quite some time.

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