[Elisabeth Shue on Cobra Kai]Elisabeth Bik and shot,Papers

  recently,Due to exposing the “academic misconduct and fake”, the Elisabeth Bik, an Assistant Researcher, who is called by the famous state of the “academic misconduct and fake”, “shot”.

She and her volunteer team found a group of Western blot (protein immunoblotted) provided in more than 400 papers very similar.Moreover, the background pattern, title structure, the paper version, graph design, and subset – flow cell graph also have an amazing similarities.However, these papers are written by researchers from different departments and research institutions.The author has little overlap.Elisabeth Bik said thatThe number of these papers is as of February 2020.This means that repetition papers may continue to increase.

While publishing the “counter” news,Elisabeth Bik also revealed,These papers may come from the same papers.Since this batch of papers use similar 蚪 protein immunoblotting,So the team called “Tadpole Paper Mill” (蚪 papers).And its major customers come from China.

Tadpoles. Modified image by marjanno from pixabay.”This is a company that can be seen.Fully customize scientific papers according to customer needs and transactions.”ELISABETH BIK said,in China,Medical students need to publish scientific papers in international journals to receive a Ph.D. in medicine.Many people do not have enough time to carry out substantive research.year 2013,The International Top Journal Sciences issued the article title “China’s Publication Bazaar” article.Author Mara Hvistendahl said thatMany papers preparing to submit or have been submitted to the medical students.Whether the experiments involved in these papers have not been known.Even some real experimental images,It will also be “packaged” into multiple different experiments.Sell to different authors.therefore,The data in the paper is usually forged.Image Data Integrity Analyst Jana Christopher and the University of Sydney Jennifer A Byrne also pays attention to the academic fraud of the paper.They cooperated to publish the “Data Magic or Diablo Art in the 21st Century?Articles from Journal and Peer Reviewers to Demolition from the Paper of the Paper “.in the article,They are not intensified with the Elisabeth Bik team.Different are only the quantity of the discovered papers.The Elisabeth Bik team member Smut Clyde passed the “for Better Science” in Leonid Schneider.The protein immunoblot strips in more than 400 papers are equal,Smooth appearance,Similar dumbbells or 蚪,There is almost no common traces.All strips have the same background.

In addition,These red spots are allegedly a FACS scattering map,Each point is a cell,Located by its surface protein measurement.Surprisingly,In these independent experiments,Many cells produce the same value.How does this miracle happen?Perhaps only these protein immunoblot comes from the same literary statement to explain.SMUT Clyde said.

The article puts the birth of the thesis factory and the academic policies in the field of Chinese medicine.Clinical doctors and researchers should issue academic papers to achieve promotion.But the doctor who is overloaded does not have time, resources,There is no education approach to let them carry out related research.So they can only purchase “full papers” – a English version of the English version including false data,Well-known journals in a field,of course,There is also a signature.

”This is unfair to those who do not buy papers.Are those honest doctors do not count?If the doctor is falsified in the study,So did they rely on falsification to enhance their academic achievements?Rely on fake papers,Can you treat patients with illness?Can you prevent public health crisis?”A series of questions in the article is not awake.The papers are fake and the final shake is the foundation of medicine.If a building, if the cornerstone is told,The higher it is, the more dangerous.

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