[Bloomberg Li Ka SHING]Qing Edition Action Game SHING!New Preview Release Switch Edition Extension Sales

  Qing Edition Action Game Developed by Mass Creation “SHING!”Open a new real-machine propaganda film,At the same time, the official announced that the Switch version of this will be released.The PS4 / PC version will remain on August 28.

  Game Factory Promo:

  The developer said that because of the cause of the epidemic,The development of the game has been affected.So they have to postpone the sale of the Switch version,Until the player can provide a complete game (new release time has not been determined).This also has a plan to land in the Xbox platform.However, the specific date is not open.


  ”SHING!”It is an immersive clear version of the action game.Players will be included as cold ninja,Crop the devil into a meat!In a mysterious World of Warcraft, the land,Team with witty brave warriors set foot on full junction.