[Zach Wilson Madden 21]A number of bold predictions in Zach, the new season: the rapids and 76 people won the championship


  Live Bar October 19th, the NBA regular season is coming,The famous reporter Zach Lowe made a series of forecasts for the new season.The following is a detailed situation.

  1. Stephen – Curry wins the score king but not MVP; 2. Letter brother again to MVP

  3. The best defensive player in Gobel Lianzhuang; 4. Portland will add the pioneer to add the deal of Whitece or Bezmmore (if necessary, add cash),In exchange for one or two in Loffour, Garyali, Griffin, Mark Gasol, Ibaka

  5. Bill continues to surprise (this has happened,But the reporter said he wrote it a few days ago.At the very least, please let him be once); 6. Raptors will not trade Lori

  7. Heat will retain Wenzlo,Trading de la Niqi; 8. Jazz and Salers will have all stars

  9. The continuous players of the Spurs will be interrupted by the full star record; 10. West Yamham, Alon Gordon, Zach – RV text will stage all-star first show

  11. Yoschi’s average assists will be more than 7 times again.Chasing Zhang Bollen (more than 7 days); 12. Nuggets will become the first in the Western Regulations

  13. Thermal fire will become the third of the regular season, the first two is the bull and 76 people); 14. Adams will create the fastest record of the defensive rebound rate

  15. Thunder will trade Adams and Schroed; 16. Walker missed the playoffs

  17. Eastern Eight Squares will be: 76 people, Bucks, Celtics, Raptors, Heat, Nets, Magic, Bulls; 18. Robin – Lopez at least 75 records 3 points (51 times in 11 seasons)

  19. Pedestrian trading Turner or Sabinis; 20. The western eight strong will be: Clippers, Lakers, Jazz, Nuggets, Pioneers, Spurs, Dragon, XX (Warriors will be ninth place)

  twenty one. If the Bucks have broken into the finals,Letter brother will continue to renew its top salary,If not, if not,It will not be; 22. Paul will leave the Thunder,At least to the end of this season

  twenty three. Bucks will seek transactions in the moment; 24. Jazz will renew the contusions – O’Neill or Igles,Or continue to be about two

  25. Jazz trading Aksham and Tony Bradley,May exchange Marcus – Morris; 26. The forest wolf will conduct at least two transactions,Coventon will be one of the chips (if he is not injured)

  27. Mawen Bagley will become a king in the King team; 28. King will transaction, do not read, and at least another core rotation player

  29. Little Otto Pot will renew the bulls; 30. Coach challenge rules will only keep a season (according to the current rules)

  31. Open the free market before the draft will be re-incorporated; 32. Wizards trading CJ-Miles,In exchange for two times,But I will continue to ask for Bellans

  33. Bull Trading Chris Dunn; 34.Total champion: 7 new games and 76 people,The final clove will win