[Bryan O Lee Malley]Color, light, brushPerformance of the fullest – Bryan Oil Painting

  Three people,There must be my teacher!| Landscape Oil Painting | Early paintings did not have this independent door class,The landscape oil is only in the form of a background or accompanying in some people.The 16th century after the revival of the literary revival,Landscape oil paintings as independent painting genre in European painting,And get great development.What is going to introduce today is a oil painting a painter is the American sketch strength representative painter


  Brian Mark Taylor Bryan Mark Taylor

  American artist

  Portland, born in Oregon, received a bachelor’s degree in Literature, Yang Benhan University in 2001.

  Wishes Master’s degree in Art Institute of American Arts College in 2005





  As a painter,Brian has won countless top awards in the country’s most prestigious Plein Air.And the work is exhibited in the museums across the country.And I have appreciated home in art.Plein Air,Southwest Art,American art collector,Imagine FX and American Artist Studio Magazine Star.


  He has a lot of successful personal exhibitions.And there are many group programs, including Coors Western ART.And won the annual exhibition gold medal in the California Art Club.In California,Colorado and Utah gallery have representatives,His work is spread all over the world,Business and museums holding.


  Simultaneously,Brian is also a teacher who is sought after.His professor in the country,The special spokesperson of 2012-2016 Plein Air Conventions,And produce a best-selling teaching DVD,”Master’s heart”.



  As a product designer,He has developed a top outdoor painting system called Strada Easel.The system is approved and used by the global Plein AIR artist.



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