[Monument Valley 2]City Of Temecula: Temecula Valley Museum Unveils A New Student Art Mural In Sam Hicks Monument Park

  The mural was created by retired Temecula Valley Unified School District History and Art Teacher Bonnie Martland, and two of her grandchildren, Anneke and Jack Martland, ages six and nine. ? As an Army Veteran and a history major whose first date with her husband of 53 years was on July 4th, it is not surprising that Bonnie’s favorite holiday is Independence Day. ?When asked to design the July mural, she knew immediately what her inspiration would be. ? The meaning of some of the words on the mural were new to her grandchildren. So, a little lesson developed about the word “Liberty” and why it is important that we celebrate the Fourth of July. Bonnie hopes that when the mural is viewed, the design will engender a feeling of patriotism and thankfulness, and that other families might also contemplate the word “Liberty” and be grateful for the many freedoms we enjoy.

  Tony Moramarco, the program facilitator of the Student Art Mural, is a former art student of Mrs. Martland and now is also Bonnie’s grandchildren’s art teacher. ? The art lessons have come full circle and creativity is being paid forward through to the next generation!?