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  One member of Clan Elysium tackles the Vault of Glass Templar boss fight in Destiny 2 and manages to finish off the encounter completely solo.

  By Derek Nichols

  Published May 28, 2021


  destiny 2 solo templar fight

  While changes to Stasis and nerfs made to Star-Eater Scales may be dominating most Destiny 2 conversations, the big event from this past weekend was the return of the Vault of Glass raid. Originally announced last year, the Raid was finally added to Season of the Splicer and as expected, Bungie held a World’s First race for this new version of the popular raid originally added to the first Destiny game.

  Since that time, a race won by Clan Elysium, fans have continued to pour into the raid to understand the subtle changes and attempt to unlock its exclusive loot. While the Vault of Glass is largely the same as many remember from the original Destiny, it does feature a few reworked mechanics to keep the experience feeling fresh. Couple that with the return of popular weapons like the Vex Mythoclast and Fatebringer as well as the upcoming challenge mode and players will likely be playing this raid for quite some time into the future.

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  destiny 2 solo templar fight

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  Some players have already begun testing themselves on the new mechanics, including one Destiny 2 streamer known as Saltagreppo. One of the members of the previously mentioned Clan Elysium, Saltagreppo attempted to challenge themselves within the Vault of Glass by playing through it solo. At the start of the second portion of the raid, players will be introduced to one of the boss characters known as the Templar. Following the Conflux area, the fireteam will have to face off against this Vex Ultra Hydra using teamwork to bring down its shield using the relic that spawns in the room.


  While this is intended to be a fight based around teamwork,?Saltagreppo managed to completely solo this boss fight, preventing the Templar from teleporting and regaining its shield. The clip on Twitch shows the relic being used to fire projectiles?while dodging the lasers. With a message popping up that the Templar is attempting to teleport,?Saltagreppo unleashes a few grenade launcher rounds before casting Thundercrash and finishing the fight with a couple of close range shotgun blasts.

  The fan favorite raid appears to have been a major boon for Bungie, which saw Twitch viewership spike during the Raid race this past weekend. In addition to the nostalgia factor of the returning Destiny raid is the fact that Vault of Glass isn’t locked behind the Season Pass paywall meaning it is open for any Destiny 2 players to check out. It seems to have led to more experimentation than normal, as in addition to this solo clear, a two man team managed to take out the final boss Atheon by themselves, a feat which is typically challenging for most full fireteams.


  Destiny 2: Beyond Light?and the new Season of the Splicer are available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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