[digimon story: cyber sleuth]The 11 Strongest Digimon In Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

  Out of the hundreds of Digimon in this expansive game, there are only 11 Ultras who have supreme power. Here’s how they all rank.

  By Reyadh Rahaman

  Published Apr 25, 2021


  alphamon ouryuken and susanomon.

  This recent entry in the?Digimon Story series of video games featuring the eponymous legions of digital monsters was released worldwide in January 2018 for the PlayStation 4 as well as in October 2019 for both the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.?Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory is a side-sequel to the well-received?Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth that builds upon the story as well as granting many new potential partners.

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  Out of the hundreds of Digimon in this expansive game, there are only 11 Ultra-level beings of supreme power. These behemoths of data are the strongest digital monsters that one can ally themselves with.


  ultra free dark digimon.

  Possessing the third-highest Intelligence stat in the game (150), Armageddemon is capable of dealing tremendous amounts of Magic damage to foes with decent skills.

  However, their low HP stat (550) means they are undeniably a glass cannon meant for finishing blows rather than protracted battles, which limits their usability. They also, sadly, do not have any special moves which take advantage of their incredible Intelligence.

  two versions of the high attack oriented ultra digimon.

  This Digimon is one of those anomalies that should not really exist in terms of the lore, however, they can be fused from Bancholeomon and a couple of other options. The regular Chaosmon needs Darkdramon while Chaosmon VA needs Varodurumon. Both forms are geared solely for the offense with the highest Attack stats in the game.

  Chaosmon has 255 Attack while Chaosmon VA has 205 and compensates with great Intelligence (155). Both versions come with excellent special attacks, though both also have incredibly low base HP (Chaosmon: 500, Chaosmon VA: 350), which means they cannot be relied upon for more difficult battles.


  ultra vaccine neutral digimon.

  Formed from Alphamon and Ouryumon, this fusion combines their might to possess excellent stats all-around as well as a devastating attack that sets the bar for what the most powerful Ultra Digimon are capable of.

  Their special move, Ultimate Ouryuken, is a Physical Defense-penetrating?move that makes great use of this powerhouse’s 130 Attack. However, since this maneuver costs a massive 50 SP per use and only targets a single foe, it can only be used sparingly.

  one of the seven deadly digimon an a powerful ultra digimon.

  One of the Seven Deadly Digimon as well as the Ultra with the most Intelligence (170), Bephemon RM (short for Rage Mode) is an offensive threat unlike almost any other, and, dissimilar to Chaosmon, they have great Defense (110) and HP (1200) to be useful for more than a few turns.

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  Additionally, their special move, Gift of Darkness, is another powerful Physical Defense-Penetrating one that makes great use of Belphemon RM’s significant Attack stat of 184.


  a protector of the digital world that is an ultra digimon.

  Appearing as a guardian and savior of the Digital World at times of strife, Imperialdramon PM (short for Paladin Mode) has some of the most well-rounded stats overall, which makes them very usable on any team needing a solid Vaccine-type or Light Attribute ally.

  Their special move is a particularly unique one that deals 150 Physical Light damage to a single target that has a 30% chance to apply the Dot status effect, which renders the target unable to use any of their skills. This is a debilitating condition that can?makes any Intelligence-based rival harmless and forces the Attack stat-focused ones to only use basic attacks.

  ultra digimon fused from the 4 masters.

  This mighty?Free-type Digimon is the result of all 4 Dark Masters (Metalseadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, and Piedmon) fusing together for a culmination of power that stands out for having?the highest base HP in the game (1500) as well as excellent Intelligence (120) and Speed (130).

  While this makes them an excellent Magic-based offensive ally, their special move, Darkness Zone, sets them apart from the other Ultras. This move deals a flat 444 damage to all enemies simultaneously, giving them the most reliable powerhouse maneuver in the game, albeit one that has a notable damage-ceiling.


  ultra virus light digimon.

  Gallantmon CM (short for Crimson Mode) is the form of the contradictory Virus-type Digimon with a Light attribute Gallantmon who has ascended higher in strength to become Ultra-level. They possess great stats in every aspect, particularly SP (95) and Attack (140).

  Quo Vadis, their?special move, a Physical Light assault that penetrates Defense, has a 10% chance to outright kill the target instantly. This means that Quo Vadis is quite possibly the deadliest attack in the game, if the user has a bit of luck on their side.

  ultra data wind digimon.

  A colossal beast in terms of both appearance and stats, Examon has a great base HP (1200), SP (95), and Attack (130) which make them a useful offensive force in a majority of situations. Being of the Wind Attribute allows them to sit outside of the Light-Dark dual-super-effective mess that usually hinders the other Ultras.

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  Possessing 2 awesome special moves also makes Examon a solid ally. Their single-target one, Pendragon’s Glory, delivers 145 Physical Electric damage for only 25 SP per use; a powerful and efficient assault. Their all-target move, Draconic Impact, unleashes 100 Physical Fire damage at a cost of 50 SP; more expensive but devastating if one needs to severely strike multiple foes at once.


  ultra vaccine light digimon.

  Bearing the name of the Japanese god of storms, Susanomon is another Vaccine-type Ultra Digimon of the Light Attribute, but one that possesses superior special moves. Their all-around great stats are also typical of their archetype in the franchise, though support great offensive capabilities.

  Celestial Blade is an all-target move that deals 110 Physical Light damage and always hits, meaning that it is a sure way to cleave every enemy on the field without fail, and at only 30 SP per use, it is a great technique to use consecutively. Their single-target one, Heaven’s Thunder, unleashes a barrage of 8 Magic Electric strikes which each have a power of 20 for a cumulative total of 200 damage. This shocking maneuver also has a 30% chance to paralyze the target; an incredibly tool for destruction at only 25 SP per use.

  the ultra digimon in 2 forms.

  Both Omnimon (fused from Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon) and Omnimon Zwart (fused from Blackwargreymon and Metalgarurumon [Black]) are Ultra Vaccine-type Digimon of incredible power with identical stats geared towards Attack (145) while also possessing all-around top tier stats, though, with the exception of their rather low 65 SP.

  The only real difference between these versions are their Attributes (Light and Dark respectively) and their inheritable skills. They both possess the tremendous special moves Transcendent Sword and Supreme Cannon, the former of which is a severe all-target assault that deals 115 Physical Fire damage for only 30 SP. The latter costs the same and is a single-target Magic Water move that is one of the few Intelligence-penetrating attacks, which is greatly usable on more mage-like enemies.


  ultra virus dark digimon.

  The final form of the antagonistic Arcadiamon which the player must have a showdown with during the climax of the game, Arcadiamon Ultra possesses great stats all-around as well as immense Attack (155) which lets it unleash its overpowered special move with extreme prejudice.

  God Matrix, arguably the best move in the game, hits all enemies simultaneously with Physical Neutral damage that both penetrates Defense and, more importantly, absorbs 10% of the damage dealt as HP to heal Arcadiamon Ultra. The move costs a hefty 50 SP, however, it is one that can bring the player back from the brink of defeat while also unleashing huge damage that is effective on every kind of foe.

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