[yakuza xbox release date]‘Judgement’ may be coming to Xbox Game Pass

  Judgement may be heading to Xbox Game Pass after the Xbox subscription gaming service hinted at its inclusion.

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  A recent tweet from the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account revealed a list of 280 game characters who can be found on the service.

  One of these includes Takayuki Yagami – the defence attorney and main character from Judgement.

  280 characters in a tweet pic.twitter.com/uLiT9djj1v

  — Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) June 21, 2021


  Xbox Game Pass quickly followed this up with an amended list – with Yagami’s name crossed out and the words ‘Oopsie Woopsie’ scribbled beneath.

  Xbox fans will be well-versed with Xbox Games Pass’s social media strategy of teasing new games in playful tweets such as these.

  So, while it looks like an almost-honest mistake, it’s far more likely to be a big hint.

  If Judgement does make it to Xbox Game Pass, it’s likely that this will be the new, updated version that was launched back in April. That means it will likely be available for Xbox Series X/S – but not on Xbox One or PC.


  Originally released for the PlayStation 4 back in 2018, Judgement follows the story of Takayui Yagami, a lawyer and detective who is investigating a string of murders. Developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, Judgement is a direct spin-off from the Yakuza series – set in the same fictional city of Kamurocho.