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DICE confirms that Battlefield 2042 includes a battle pass system, and the passes will feature cosmetic items as opposed to pay-to-win content.

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Battlefield 2042 has officially been revealed, and with gamers now having confirmation that the game exists, DICE and EA have begun to share more info on the specifics of the new Battlefield title. This includes the Plus System, which lets gamers change attachments on the fly, and the Specialists system sees classes becoming a lot more meaningful. Gamers also have an idea of how some of the post-launch content is going to be handled.

While the strategy for DLC maps and modes in Battlefield 2042 has not been detailed, DICE has clarified its approach to microtransactions. The game will be featuring a battle pass system, though gamers do not need to worry about pay-to-win systems being included. Instead, the passes will be purely cosmetic, with gamers not getting any gameplay advantage whatsoever from the battle pass. The number of battle passes that will come to the game has also been clarified, though fans have been left to wonder what items will be on offer and how the tiers will be progressed.

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battlefield 2042 hourglass storm

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With Battlefield 2042¨s battle passes being focused on cosmetics, gamers can expect a similar approach to what is seen in Call of Duty. Battlefield¨s main competition fills its battle passes with Operator skins, vehicle skins, weapon blueprints, charms, calling cards, gestures, and emblems. While it is unclear if all these cosmetic types will appear in Battlefield 2042, some seem like a perfect fit for EA¨s flagship FPS franchise. Specifically, character skins seem like a no-brainer for Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 will be changing up?Battlefield¨s class system in a major way, with Specialists being used to add new life to these categories. While each Specialist can wield any gun in the game, removing the frustrating class-based weaponry, each also boasts their own abilities and equipment. They also include unique personalities and appearances, which DICE can take advantage of when it comes to the battle pass. Each character features a design that?can support new skins, whether it be Casper¨s ghillie suit or Webster¨s baseball cap. From color swaps to special outfits, the battle pass could provide the chance to customize these characters. Voice lines are possible as well, though this is purely speculation.


Battlefield¨s vehicular play is a defining part of every entry, and that will be no different in this near-future entry. With gamers able to call in vehicles via a special tablet, it would make sense if they could be adorned with special paint and cosmetics. Unique vehicle skins seem like another fine fit for Battlefield 2042¨s battle pass system. Likewise, gun camos seems like an equally logical addition, as there is nothing gamers seen more in a first person shooter than their own weapon. With personalization being important, special weapon skins seem like a good thing to incorporate. Emotes and gestures are also possibilities, though once again, specific items remain unconfirmed.


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Battlefield 2042 will be running on a Seasonal system, and DICE has confirmed that each of these Seasons will ^push the narrative forward. ̄ As such, gamers can expect Battlefield 2042¨s story of No-Pats to move forward after the game has released. While DICE has not yet clarified if this story progress will come from easter eggs, cutscenes, or dialogue, the fact that it will be progressing at all is promising. While Battlefield 2042 lacks a campaign, this information makes it clear that it will maintain a proper narrative.

Alongside story progression, each Season of Battlefield content will add a ^steady stream of new content ̄ to the game. This approach has worked wonders for other live service games like Apex Legends, so seeing it used to keep Battlefield 2042 fans interested makes sense. As for what has been confirmed, each Season will feature a new Specialist and new locations to fight through. There will be ^more ̄ content added as well, though this is unspecified. As such, fans should only expect more maps and playable characters in the post-launch Seasons until DICE says otherwise.


Unsurprisingly, each Season will feature a battle pass for gamers to work on. Specifically, there will be four Seasons and battle passes in ^the first year ̄ of Battlefield 2042. With the Call of Duty series featuring six Seasons for each of its yearly releases, it seems likely that Battlefield 2042¨s Seasons will last longer. As such, it is not a stretch to think that the battle passes will offer more content as well, with more than the standard 100 tiers possible. At the same time, these tiers could simply take longer to progress through, with gamers needing to put work into unlocking the items. While it is unclear if these Seasons will have specific themes, or when the first Season will begin, fans will have four battle passes to work on in the game¨s first year of availability.


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Thus far, all that has been specified about the way Battlefield 2042¨s battle passes will work is their tier types. Gamers will see a mixture of premium and free tiers, similar to the system utilized by other games. While anyone can progress through the pass and unlock the free tiers, the premium tiers will remain locked to those that have not purchased the battle pass. No price for the battle pass has been revealed at this time, and the exact number of tiers in these passes has also been kept hidden for the time being.


As for how the battle passes will be progressed, there are two options. The first is a traditional experience system, which has been used to great effect in a lot of the battle pass setups thus far. The other option would be a challenge-based battle pass like Fortnite, with the quests used to give players a way to get through the pass faster. They could also be the only way to progress, forcing gamers to get kills with certain guns or win in specific maps and modes. With no specifics given on how the passes are progressed, either system could end up being used.

There is also a chance that the pass progression is tied directly to a Seasonal Rank, as the leveling system for Battlefield 2042 has not been confirmed. Regardless of which battle pass system is being used, though, the decision to focus purely on cosmetics should please gamers that were worried about pay-to-win content. With four battle passes full of content, Battlefield fans that care about cosmetics should have something to work toward as they are gunning down the opposition and destroying Battlefield 2042¨s maps.


Battlefield 2042 launches on October 22 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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