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Red Dead Redemption 2 offers plenty of available horses, but the Fox Trotter is one of the best. Here’s how to find your own.

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Red Dead 2 Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter is a brave, battle-hardened horse?breed that excels in a variety of scenarios in Red Dead Redemption 2. Fox Trotters are not easily spooked, and possess the heath and stamina necessary for extended journeys. Bonded Fox Trotters are probably the best horses for players to use when fighting enemies.

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Despite their slow acceleration,?these horses have a?good top speed?and standard maneuverability. Because of how versatile the horses are, a lot of players are willing to?pay the steep price for one. However, there is one way to get the trophy horse for free, which is explained in detail below.


RD2 Albert Mason

In Chapter 2, gamers will unlock the first of the Albert Mason side missions, the first of which is called “Acadia For Amateurs.” To find Albert, head to the white question mark just south of Strawberry. Albert’s first two objectives are easy. All players need to do is follow the Coyote and then head back to Albert.

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In the next step of the stranger missions, gamers will need to find Albert, who is now just to the northwest of Wallace Station.?Here, he will instruct Arthur to kill five wolves.?Players should?note that two days of in-game time must pass before the next mission will spawn.


Missouri Fox Trotter RD2

During the third of these missions,?the Fox Trotter makes an appearance. This time, Albert will be near the Heartland Overflow, and will have to?herd the horses closer to Albert for photography purposes. One of the horses is a Missouri Fox Trotter. Before beginning the mission, make sure to save just in case anything goes wrong. They key during the mission is to continue tracking the Fox Trotter after herding the horses to Albert. The herd will begin to run away, but can still be seen while tracker is on.

As soon as the cutscene begins, skip the dialogue. Using Eagle Eye to reveal the tracks, gamers can follow them to the wild Fox Trotter. By pushing down both sticks when the bar is low, it will restore every few seconds so the tracks do not disappear. Running faster will increase the speed at which the bar dissipates. There may be other tracks too; however, the horse tracks will have a blue hue. Unfortunately, it will take a few minutes for players to follow the horse all the way to the Kamassa.


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As soon as the horse is spotted, Arthur can tame the horse by jumping on it.?It’s simple?in theory, but difficult in practice. The Fox Trotter will do anything it can to avoid being tamed. It will sprint randomly and make winding turns between the trees. The lasso will not work, so the only way to get the horse is to wait for the prompt and smash the jump button. It can take a few minutes for the horse to slow down and allow Arthur to close the distance. As usual, the horse will buck for a while until it is tamed.

The final step to making the Fox Trotter a saddled horse is to take it all the way to the stables. For some reason, gamers are not able to place a saddle on the horse even after it is tamed outside of the stables. Anyone having trouble mounting the horse will just need to save, and reload the save point. After loading back in, the horse will be mountable for the rest of the game.


Amber Champagne Missouri Fox Trotter

Anyone that doesn’t mind spending the money can purchase a Missouri Fox Trotter at the stables in Scarlett Meadows or Blackwater for $950. The horse becomes available for purchase in the epilogue after Chapter 6. The Scarlett Meadows Stables is home to the Amber Champagne Foxtrotter, while the Silver Dapple Pinto is available at the Blackwater Stables. The free Fox Trotter that is found using the method above is always a Silver Dapple Pinto; thus, the only way to get a Amber Champagne Fox Trotter is at the stables. The base and max stats for the Fox Trotters are?listed below:

Stamina: 6-9Speed: 7-10Acceleration: 5-7Health: 5-8


Amber Missouri Fox Trotter

Last summer, a number of players found a way to spawn a Champagne Fox Trotter by performing a series of tasks in the Cumberland Forest. Anyone that attempts the glitch will now find a dead horse after following all of the old instructions. Likewise, it appears that the carriage stable glitch has been patched as well.

However, some players have reported being able to bond and lure a Fox Trotter from the Scarlet Meadows Stables using the stolen carriage exploit. It is possible that the patch only applies to certain platforms, but it appears Rockstar have fixed the glitch. Looks like players will have to put work or money into getting Fox Trotters now.


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