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The Epic Games Store reveals its last free mystery game as part of its latest promotion, along with a bonus freebie for EGS users.

By Dalton Cooper

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epic games store free game june 10 control

In an effort to promote its Epic Mega Sale promotion, the?Epic Games Store has been giving away free mystery games. Things kicked off with the big budget sports game?NBA 2K21, which was followed by?Among Us, and then?Frostpunk. Each Thursday, the Epic Games Store reveals its next free mystery game. Well, the last free Epic Games Store mystery game has now been revealed, and it comes with a bonus freebie for EGS users.

The latest Epic Games Store free game is?Control, the critically-acclaimed third-person shooter from Remedy Entertainment.?Control won numerous awards when it launched in 2019, and?is also notable for having once been exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC. The game is arguably the biggest free game that the Epic Games Store has given away as part of this mystery game promotion, so it’s definitely a big one to end things on. Anyone interested has until June 17 to claim?Control for free with absolutely no strings attached.

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epic games store free game june 10 control

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Control makes a great free game by itself, but it’s not the only freebie that Epic Games Store users can take advantage of right now. Fans can also get some bonus content in the free-to-play?Genshin Impact in the form of extra gold, food, and upgrade crystals. Like?Control, the?Genshin Impact freebies are only available for a limited time, with the offer expiring on June 17 at 10:00am CT.

With the Epic Mega Sale ending on June 17 as well, one would think that the Epic Games Store would have one more free mystery game up its sleeve. However, it seems as though the Epic Games Store is no longer running its free mystery game promotion, instead letting fans know in advance what free games they can look forward to in the near future. As it so happens, Epic Games Store users will have two free games to claim from June 17 to June 24 when?Control is cycled out.


From June 17 to June 24, Epic Games Store users can claim?Hell is Other Demons and?Overcooked 2 for free. And once those games are out, it’s quite likely that the Epic Games Store will then announce the next batch of free games ahead of time as well. However, it will likely bring back its free mystery game promotion at some point down the line, maybe even this coming December.

Last year, the Epic Games Store had an advent calendar of free games that it used to count down to Christmas. It’s unclear if that’s going to happen again this year, but Epic Games Store users should stay tuned for more information.


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